söndag 15 november 2009

Mina favorit-tutorials!

De här tutorialsen om pin curls av Strawberry Koi är typ de bästa jag vet. Lärde mig allt härifrån när jag först började pröva mig fram med pin curls. Jag tänkte göra nåt sånt här nu så får ni se imorn hur det blev! Jag har nästan exakt samma frisyr som hon har i de här klippen så det borde bli ganska bra.

My favourite tutorials!
The tutorials on pin curls made by Strawberry Koi are the best I've ever found. This is how I learned basic pin curling when I first started experimenting with them. I'll try something like this now and I'll show you tomorrow. I have almost exactly the same haircut as she has in these videos so I think it'll turn out pretty good!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I've seen this before, and others, and although her tutorial makes me a little sleepy to listen through, she does explain it best. I just get a little down that it doesn't look as nice for longer hair and takes SO long to do with it, or I'd do it more (I do it maybe once a week though).

  2. I used to have long hair too and I know, it's so much work for almost nothing. Have you tried hot rollers? I found it easier to get the curls to stay if using them.