tisdag 27 oktober 2009

Vintage swimsuits

Pictures from Miriams Kafferep and Andi B Goode.

During the past week or so there has been alot of blogging about vintage swimsuits. I had some real trouble last summer finding a good swimsuit and I ended up getting some repro 50's stuff instead. They were alright but for next year I really would love an authentic piece. I searched the second hand shops every day (every day!) and I only ever managed to find one swimsuit - it was way too big but I bought it anyway, I don't know why I did it really, I guess I'll sell it or something. I think it's from the early 60's so it's not exactly what I'm looking for anyway. It had the pointy bra (wich felt kind of werid wearing, don't you think? Or maybe that was just because it was so big) and the little skirt in the front, but the colors were a bit too bright blue and turqoise and the pattern made me think more flower power than glamour. ...At least now I live in a city wich is by the sea, so perhaps there will be more swimwear still around.

Smokin' 40's bikinigirl (he he) från Glaour Daze.

I put my hope in finding the perfect vintage swimsuit in some regular second hand shop, priced as something old and useless instead of a fantastic one of a kind design. I mean theese knock out suits and bikinis that you find online are real treasures, sure, but they're also like half a month's rent.

I recently disvcovered this vintage swimsuit online shop called Glamoursurf. Everything is perfect (if you're willing to pay up). Just look at this:

Click the pictures to go to the adds at Glaoursurf.

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  1. I want the perfect bathing suit, too, but I don't like to swim. Hehe.
    -Andi x